HOPE VI Chester Housing Development

Project Description

Chester, Pennsylvania is one of America’s oldest cities. After the decline of the area’s industrial base, population of the city declined from over 300,000 persons to 37,000, leaving many abandoned properties and social problems. As part of their Housing Authority’s partnership with a private developer, we built replacement housing in several phases. Crime-ridden, dilapidated high-rise housing was demolished to make way for new low-rise apartment dwellings. The development includes (3) four story, low-rise, age-restricted senior apartment buildings and a 3 story commercial structure to provide convenience retail and new offices for the Chester Housing Authority. This project has photovoltaic cells on the roofs of each apartment building as part of sustainable design features. All HVAC equipment, lighting and appliances comply with Energy Star program requirements.

Project Details

  • Location: Chester, PA
  • Area: 204,850 ft2
  • Number of Stories: 3 & 4
  • Project Completion: 2012