Newark Social Security Administration Building

Project Description

Claremont is a private developer that specializes in building new facilities for lease to the GSA. There is a strong standard of service expected by the Federal government that requires close coordination of fixtures, lighting, and climate control. Another important consideration is security in a post 9-11 environment. This one story steel frame building with masonry veneer provides a simple solution to the meeting the needs of a customer service center. Site considerations included a major thoroughfare, landscaping, parking and nearby residential uses. In order to provide convenience to senior citizens traveling by public transportation, we selected a site adjacent to a bus stop on a major county road. Waiting rooms and other high traffic areas were furnished with durable and easy to maintain materials. Interview rooms have large glazing components for high visibility to provide a sense of security for Social Security staff.

Project Details

  • Location: Newark, NJ
  • Area: 10,800 ft2
  • Number of Stories: 1
  • Project Completion: 2004